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Three Types of Human

There are three types of human:

1. The Fool Why do they defined as fool? For instance, when someone ask “Hey, you should try to smoke. Smoking is fun! Really”. The fool doesn’t think twice and realize the danger of smoking.

Then the fool replies “Ok! I’ll try!”

2. The Clever

Different from The Fool, The Clever thinks first. “Oh, is smoking really fun? Hmm, but it contains dangerous substance. Hmm.”

But finally he replies “Ok, I should try to know whether it is dangerous or not”

3. The Wise

Almost the same as The Clever. The Wise knows that smoking is dangerous. But the difference between The Wise and The Clever is, he doesn’t have to experience smoking to convince himself about what he already knows.

Then The Wise replies, “no, thank you”.

What do you choose to lead your act today?

Inspired by Mr. Mahayoni’s preach. 

Mr. Mahayoni is a pastor and also the leader of Abbalove Cikarang Church. Besides those spiritual activities, Mr. Mahayoni also works for President University, teaching in the Faculty of Law.