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Run Away

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It is normal for someone who is in trouble and feel like want to run away from everything. Don’t be afraid to feel this way. Don’t be intimidated that you are an irresponsible person by feeling like that.

Everytime the burden of my problem feel so obvious, I used to feel the same. I used to daydream, and by daydreaming I feel free from it.

This week, God taught me that being in a problem is good. God is “good”. The “good” is not just an adjective about God. It is also telling us a noun. God is good, and every good thing is in Him.

When you feel like want to run away from a situation, but you can’t go any where, and God seems like letting you stay there. Remember this thing, He wants you to be there to be a part of His miraculous work. Be strong. Pray continuously. He won’t let you down. He is with you, go through everything in life. God bless you.

Be strong and courageous” – Joshua 1:9