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a simple motivation

“Bro and Sis, there will be friends to support us to achieve all the vision, missions, and goals we made for 2012. But, don’t forget there always be people who will (indirectly) inhibit those resolutions. Thus, beware! Remember, bad company corrupts good character.”

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An SMS came. It was from Stevanus (Ste). We serve together in Community Of Love (Christian Community at our campus). He often forward motivation message like this to me and friends. I like it. I can feel the positive spirit through the message.

In the other day, he sent…

“Bro and Sis, one thing that will help us to improve is to be around smart and good people. And then, we have to be better and smarter each day. For instance, Agnes Monica. She said, everyday she has to do something new. Something better. Imagine, if in a month we do this way, we’ll got at least 30 new and better things. That will make us improved. Use the talents we got. Improve it.

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I received this message when I was going to go to office. It was my first day to be in the office and work there. I specially wanted to thank Stevanus for this message. It encouraged me so much. I replied to him and said “Thanks so much, Ste. It’s like a reminder and warm blessing. Gbu”

Because of the message, I promised my self to do or get something new today, at the office. I do not want my day to be not counted.

It worked! I learnt a lot. I am satisfied. I thanked God for reminding me and encouraged me through this person.

The next day, Ste sent another motivational message.

“Bro and Sis, any progress that will happen to us is like a tidal wave. If we just stand up, we surely will drift. So, how to be at the top? We have to keep moving. Never lost in any situation. Beware! Don’t ever pensive. Stay alert no matter what. Keep your fire up!

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Wooh, I almost drift today. What I got yesterdey, the satisfaction I got yesterday, may sweep me over, if I’m not aware. I might run today in common way. With no passion. Thank God, He reminded me again by this ┬ámessage. Keep the fire up!

Today, the message Ste sent was:

“Bro and Sis, anxiety is discontent, and this dissatisfaction is the MAIN requirement to achieve progress. Mention someone who is easy to satisfy. If you pay attention to the person, you’ll see failure will quickly appear. So, do not be easy to satisfy, keep going up!”

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I did not really agree with “do not be easy to satisfy”, because sometimes we also need the feeling of satisfaction to let our body rest. Then I figure out, it is true to be not easy to satisfy. We may feel satisfy for awhile. Let our soul and body rest, for awhile. But then, wake up and set another progression goals.

Through this writing, besides motivation, I also got another thing to share, that we have to encourage each other. Everyone surround us, encourage them. A good word will bring a good effect. Like this simple motivation, may bring a good effect to you too ­čÖé

Have a great day!

With love,

Margaretha (@etha_maggie)