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Biak – The Paradise

Have you ever heard about Bali?

People often identify Indonesia as Bali. Whenever I mention Indonesia to anyone from abroad, they often relate it to Bali. Bali Bali and Bali. Hmm,do you know that actually there is also a sweet island like Bali in Indonesia?

This island is named Biak. It is located in Papua. Different to Bali, Biak is more natural. You will not find executive  boutique or luxurious cafe in Biak. The only thing you’ll find in Biak is its natural beauty. 🙂

I lived in Biak for about fourteen years. And now I miss it so much. Through this writing, I’d like to show you a little about Biak. I’m sorry that all the pictures here are from another sources (I do not post picture captured by me because I do not have it anymore 😦 I lost it all 😦 ) Anyway, please enjoy the pictures 🙂

1. Batu Lonceng, South Biak

Picture source: http://anakbiak.com/

Picture source: http://anakbiak.com/

Picture source: http://anakbiak.com/

Pictures source: http://anakbiak.com/

2. Sorido Beach

Pictures source: http://anakbiak.com/

2. Mnupisen, Padaido Atas

Pictures source: http://anakbiak.com/

I am thinking to post more photos about Biak. If in this writing I post only about beaches, I’ll show more in the next post.

If you think to spend a holiday and don’t know where to go, you may consider Biak 🙂

I suggest you to open these links for deeper information. :

http://anakbiak.com/ , http://biak-island.tripod.com/ , and http://www.biaknumfor.com/

See you,

Margaretha (@etha_maggie)