Three Types of Human

There are three types of human:

1. The Fool Why do they defined as fool? For instance, when someone ask “Hey, you should try to smoke. Smoking is fun! Really”. The fool doesn’t think twice and realize the danger of smoking.

Then the fool replies “Ok! I’ll try!”

2. The Clever

Different from The Fool, The Clever thinks first. “Oh, is smoking really fun? Hmm, but it contains dangerous substance. Hmm.”

But finally he replies “Ok, I should try to know whether it is dangerous or not”

3. The Wise

Almost the same as The Clever. The Wise knows that smoking is dangerous. But the difference between The Wise and The Clever is, he doesn’t have to experience smoking to convince himself about what he already knows.

Then The Wise replies, “no, thank you”.

What do you choose to lead your act today?

Inspired by Mr. Mahayoni’s preach. 

Mr. Mahayoni is a pastor and also the leader of Abbalove Cikarang Church. Besides those spiritual activities, Mr. Mahayoni also works for President University, teaching in the Faculty of Law.

Special Creation

Do you ever think to be like physically someone else? You want their body shape or hair style or whatever it is?

picture source: googleA couple days ago, I went to a salon. My original hair is wave and I wanted to do a treatement to make it straight. One thought in my mind was if my hair is straight I will be as cool as Ms.X (an actor I like). I was so excited to do the treatment. I kept smiling while the hairdresser worked on my hair.

And then… tadaaa… the hair is totally super straight, and I am also totally surprised. The looking was totally bad. Everything is totally messed up. I am not suitable with this style, in fact.  Before I decided to do this treatment, some people said the straight hair will fit me. Again, in fact, it’s not.

So, I came back with a sadness of my own stupidity. God gave me a beautiful wave hair, why should I change it? He is the creator overall. He knew and will always know the best for His creation.

I realized I was wrong, and nothing I can do but waiting patiently until the medicine is used up and the hair back to its original shape. FYI, it needs eight months to get it to the original shape.

However, I learnt something from this experience.

It makes me realize, whatever our physics look like, God has created it SPECIAL. The next step is our decision, whether to treat our body right or bad. Tall and short, black and white, straight hair and curly hair, all are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God.

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it.
You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!” (Ps. 139:13-17)

Can you see how deep His love is when He created us? So now, let us treat our body right. Take care of the body He gave. Additionally, do not forget to eat healthy food and do exercises also 🙂

With love,

Margaretha (@etha_maggie)

picture source: google

The Pistol: Have Faith. Nothing is Impossible

He is short, but he dreamed to be a pro basket player. Could it be possible?

Pete Maravich was not a popular kid at his school. He always wanted to join the team, but no one cared to him. However, this situation can’t make him down. He didn’t let anyone and anything let him down.

picture source:

His father, was the one who transferred abundant support to him. When people say bad words about Pete, his father will come and say the truth. Saying that Pete is the talented kid. He can reach his dreams, whatever the world is doubted about.

“It’s tough being a kid, chasing a grown-up dream. Through the pain and tears and confusion, I knew I had to keep pursuing my dream—for Pop and for me, whether or not anyone else ever understood what was happening inside. And the emotion and pressure would overcome me, I lost myself in drills Pop had taught me.”

He knew that reaching dreams will need sacrifice; will need a willingness to be mocked by people, to be said crazy. But he kept stand on his ground. He had faith.

picture source:

The pictures above are from an inspirational movie titled The Pistol, which was released in 1991. This film is dedicated to the memory of “Pistol” Pete Maravich (June 22, 1947 – January 5, 1988). Press Maravich (Pete’s dad) play an important role in Pete’s life. Press Maravich gave an legacy to his son and to children everywhere that:

“Love never fails, character never quits, and with patience and persistence, dreams do come true.”

Pete was mocked as “hot dog” by some of his school mates. It also can’t extinguish his spirit.

“I must admit I never really understood why people wanted autographs in the first place; I guess people looked to me as a hero. Webster defines a hero as a man noted for his special achievements. Hero is also defined as a long sandwhich. Since a lot of people called me a hot dog during my career, either definition may have been the reason people wanted my autograph.”

– Pete Maravich, Heir to a Dream

Pete Maravich
After watching this film, it is guaranteed that we will learn much about hope, passion, persistence, faith, and the most important things self-image. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, remember one thing: you are precious. God didn’t create you as a mistake. Wake up and reach your dreams! 🙂
Do not forget to use the original copy ya 🙂
Happy watching,

Lady in Waiting: Be Sincere

A couple days ago, I and Ross, my friend, went to the mall together. It was a good time for us to spend bestfriend’s quality time. One topic that we shared was about a book titled Lady in Waiting, authored by Jackie Kendall & Debbie Jones.

Ross said that this book is very good to be read by single ladies like us J hehehe. Ross did not share a lot, but the thing she told the most was about sincerity.

If we can’t be sincere to everyone, we are not ready to be in a relationship”, Ross said it excitedly.  “We need to check our motivation when we are helping someone. Do we do “better” when helping our boy friends; or we always do our best when helping either boy friends or girl friends.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? This is what I think, when we help our boy friends “better” than our girl friends, I believe we have hidden agenda for it. One possible hidden agenda might be to get special attention from the boy friends we help. In the other hand, if we are balance in helping boy friends and girl friends; we always try to do our best when helping; I believe this is a true sincerity. I mean, girl doesn’t interest to get “special” attention from the other girls, rite? And when they do the same to their boy friends, it obviously shows that they also do not purpose to get “special” attention from their boy friends. They do it because they are willing to do it.

I am now looking for the book. Kinda curious to find out why we must be sincere to everyone before we go to a relationship. Do you think the same?

See you in the next posting. If you have read Lady in Waiting, kindly share to us ya 🙂



Etha (@etha_maggie)