Whatever you do, FINISH WELL!

“Listen carefully! Whatever you feel, whatever you think; whatever you do: FINISH it WELL!”

I do not know who is the creator of that statement, but I clearly remember the moment I hear it from a preacher. Thank you for sharing, Pastor! It helps me to go through this journey 🙂

This writing will be telling you about my six months internship experience, and how God worked on it.

I make it to be my reading someday and to remind me of wonderful past days.

This also to show my warmest gratitude to the Lord who sent me to InterMatrix Communications and to InterMatrix Communications (IMX) who willingly accept me as an intern. 😀

Internship is a requirement from my campus before entering the semester of thesis. This is why I struggled to do an internship in the best place, coz I won’t waste my time.

Ok, anddd.. here the story goes 😛

Somedays on August – October 2011 –> Days of Hunting and Interviews!

“God, please please please, I want this company! Really want this company!”

I was praying for one big company to do my internship. The company where some of President University students also pray for. I was crazy about it till one day a senior told me this “You know what I got from them? Nothing, but a certificate!”

God gives what we need, not what we want. He knew I want that company but He is more understand that I do not need a plain certificate 😛 Then.. He lead me to something bigger…

The idea of applying to IMX was not from my own desire. A good friend, Inri, who forced me to apply to IMX. She has no reason why she did this, but she did it anyway. There are many PR Agencies, but why IMX? Ahh well, in short, I followed her anyway 😛

Applying done. Interview done. I’m accepted, but was still questioning, am I in the right path, God?

January 3, 2012 – July 3, 2012 –> INTERNSHIP!

There were moments of confusion, exhaustion, excitement, and dissapoinment. 

I was asking for experience, but when seniors gave me a lot things to do, I grumbled…silently 🙂 hehe. There, God gently remind me through 1 Cor 13:11 : “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” This verse gives an understanding for me that the tasks given is the suitable “food” for me coz I’m no longer a child. Thus, I have to put the ways of childhood (grumbling) behind me.

There was a moment when I was afraid to learn more.

The deeper the lesson, the more effort needed. And if someone is afraid to learn more, he is actually not afraid, he is just faineant. And, it was me. I was faineant. I was “afraid” when IMX gave an opportunity for me to do radio interview with Wimar Witoelar, a former presidential spokesman, who is also the owner of IMX. Couldn’t thank God enough, if He is not with me, I wouldn’t say “yes” to that precious challenge.

One night, God lead me to this verse: “The sluggard’s craving will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work.” – Proverb 21 : 25. I desire to be a news anchor, and this challenge is a rare opportunity! I am just nobody. I am just an ordinary student. Who am I to interview a great person about an important topic? If I refuse to learn, I kill my desire.

There were moments when I felt alone and sad.

“You are s***!”, someone said. He might be kidding saying it to me. But it hurts me. Nobody likes to be treated rudely. I don’t like to hear people saying rude words. In the end, I thank God for making me used to it. There are many kinds of people characteristic, and I will not find good characteristic only. I also have to get used to bad characteristic.

July 3, 2012 –> Farewell with IMX!

Hugs and kisses for super cute and kind seniors!



and all IMX-ers yang sangat baik dengan MH: Mba Lena, Mba Widya, Kak Melda, Mba IP, Mba Riri, Mas Rasno, HM, SD, SK, IM, Mba Zedi, dan Mba Dasih :”) Won’t forget these amazing people.






Warmest Regards for WW, EI, and Mas Dwipo (the BEST supervisor in the world :D) !



Mas Dwipo & MH





Lots of Love for THE MAGANGS!

Lidia, Agnes, Emha, Kak KD (yg ini bukan The Magangs, tapi emang wajahnya sangat cute dan awet muda :P)

Lidia, Agnes, Emha, Kak KD, Anang, Yoga

Emha, Person from Unilever, Fredy, Daniel









Lidia: Very cute and funny. Gonna miss you, dear Lidia :”)

Agnes: Very kind and humble. Gonna miss you, dear Agnes :”)

Anang: He has beautiful voice but lil bit shy 🙂

Yoga: His voice is rock! But he is lil bit bossy 😛

Fredy: Very helpful person! His voice sounds like Delon Idol lohh 😛

Daniel: Too cool to be true 😛


Thank you for a beautiful 6 months journey! Good luck for IMX’s projects. Wish you succeed! 😀


Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Campus Today: Internship is COMING !

When everybody started to talk about “Christmas is coming”, I’d rather talk about internship. It does not mean that Christmas is less important, but internship thingy attracts me too much! 🙂 hehe

FYI, in the last year in President University, all students have to do internship for maximal eight months. In the previous post, I shared about Industry Insight Panel, an event held by ICC (Internship Career Center) President University to prepare the students for their internship. In this writings, I would like to share about my internship story.

I have done my Cover Letter (CL) and CV in the end of October. I would like to say thank you for Mr. I Nyoman Musiasa, MAMC. He is one of my lecturers and he helped me checking grammar errors in my CV and CL. Thanks very much, Sir! 🙂

After the CV and CL done, I prayed for it and started to send to several companies. Hoping that I’ll be interning in a good company. “Good” in here means, the company would let me work and explore my potential. Remembering some of my seniors felt disappointed with their companies because the companies did not let them to work, and they spent their days useless, I’m afraid if the company I’ll intern later will apply the same thing.

Well, someday, in November, a company called me for an interview. Wooh!! Really nervous! 🙂

PT. Intermatrix Indonesia is the company in where I had my interview. The interview goes well. Little bit nervous, but I covered it with smiling. For me, smiling is really helpful to calm down myself whenever I get nervous. You may try it out. Hope it also works for you 🙂

Can’t tell you how happy I am when the interviewer said “Yes, you can intern here!”. It feels like drinking cold water in a desert when the sun shines so bright! Hehehe. It was my needs and dream, and it came true! Thanks God! 🙂

I read some blogs about internship in Intermatrix, and none of the writers (who obviously had their intern in Intermatrix) feel disappoint with it. Instead, they sounded very grateful.

So, in short, starting from January 3rd, 2012, I’ll be interning in Intermatrix. Wish me luck! Really really, can’t wait for the time to come faster.

Ouh, I wanted to share a picture of me. It was taken in the day I had my interview. Because the interview went with miraculous (hehehe) and the interviewer accepted me, so I celebrated it by watching Ra One in 3D version at Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia 🙂 ouh, lovee my “career looks” 🙂

hey, do you have any internship experience? Please kindly share 🙂 Will love to hear bout it 🙂

See you in the next post. Have a good time!


Etha (@etha_maggie)

Campus Today: Industry Insights Panel

Industry Insights Panel is an annual event held by Internship Career Center of President University. The theme for this year is “How Do I Fit with My Company’s Corporate Culture? Tips and Strategy for New Graduates”. This event is a close event for President University students only.

This year, ICC PU invited speakers from three companies to share about their company: L’oréal, Triputra Group, and Nissan.  I did not write much in my notebook while listening to the presentation, but I have somethings to share here.

First, is about the company culture. I conclude some points mentioned by the speakers.

Those companies put Integrity, Respect, Transparency, Encourage, Competitive, and Excellence as their companies’ value. It is interesting to see these three companies have similar value to each other. Mr. Felix Abednego, from Nissan, said that everyone in the company should have the same value. Value is like the antibody for the company. If someone enters the company and bring different value, well, then no one will be willing to be with him because they detect this different-valued-person as a stranger. As the antibody, it will directly kick strange thing out.

“What character of a person do your companies assess?” a question came from a student.

“According to your company, which one do you prefer: hiring a person with high educational skill with low of interpersonal communication skill; or hiring a person with standard (not high, not low either) educational skill with high interpersonal communication skill?” a similar question followed.

Each company gave different answers to each question. I noted two answers that might fit those questions.

First answer came from Mr. Felix. According to his company culture, everybody in it, is willing to work hard even until late at night. For him, Nissan needs people with that willingness (to work hard and to work smart). “Are you willing to work extra mile to achieve something as the goal?”, he added.

Completing Mr. Felix’s answer, Ms. Restu Widiati added that in L’oréal, they prefer to someone with CEO characteristic. This CEO stands for “Creative, Entrepreneur, and Open-minded”.

The question and answer session ran enthusiastically and everyone who attends this event seemed satisfied with what the speakers have delivered.

President University is very concern about their students’ skill for internship. They prepare well their students with seminar, courses, consultations, and professional guiding. There are still some events later on in December. I will post useful information here. Stay tune!


Etha (@etha_maggie)