Behind The Writings

Hi! Thank you for visiting this blog.

I am Margaretha. A daughter to my sweet mom n dad. An elder sister to my handsome brother. A diligent student (hehe) to lecturers in President University. A good friend to all pals. A learner of Hindi and Indian culture. A future cool Public Relations person. Books and movies lover. Overall, I am just an ordinary girl with abundant blessings from my extraordinary God Jesus.  🙂

I do this blogging to train my writing skill and to share any useful things to the readers. Thus, any comments, critics, and suggestion are welcome ya 🙂

Have a great time!

With love n cheers,

Margaretha ❤

Contact me:

Twitter          : @etha_maggie


8 thoughts on “Behind The Writings

  1. Hi Margaretha, I’m pleased to find your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I will look forward to your future posts, you have good things to say. My best wishes, James 🙂

  2. absolutely delighted to hear from u!
    Thanks for the comment and u r most welcome to India!
    Best of luck for Hindi classes and do let me know in case I could be of any help.

    I am subscribed and reading ur blog as well!


  3. Hi Margaretha, thank you for joining my Blog and I’m sorry that I haven’t visited till now but will look forward to after Christmas when I can sit back and enjoy getting to know you.

    Blessings to you and those you Love , may the Beauty of Christmas past and the Joy of Christmas present, fill your heart with Love that overflows all year.

    Christmas Love Anne

    • Hi Anne 🙂

      that’s okay 🙂 I like your blog.. I found encouragement in it 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Anne 🙂
      and by the way, Happy Birthday for you 🙂

      may your years be filled with love, joy, health, and wealth 🙂
      have a blessed day, Anne 🙂

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