Lady in Waiting: Be Sincere

A couple days ago, I and Ross, my friend, went to the mall together. It was a good time for us to spend bestfriend’s quality time. One topic that we shared was about a book titled Lady in Waiting, authored by Jackie Kendall & Debbie Jones.

Ross said that this book is very good to be read by single ladies like us J hehehe. Ross did not share a lot, but the thing she told the most was about sincerity.

If we can’t be sincere to everyone, we are not ready to be in a relationship”, Ross said it excitedly.  “We need to check our motivation when we are helping someone. Do we do “better” when helping our boy friends; or we always do our best when helping either boy friends or girl friends.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? This is what I think, when we help our boy friends “better” than our girl friends, I believe we have hidden agenda for it. One possible hidden agenda might be to get special attention from the boy friends we help. In the other hand, if we are balance in helping boy friends and girl friends; we always try to do our best when helping; I believe this is a true sincerity. I mean, girl doesn’t interest to get “special” attention from the other girls, rite? And when they do the same to their boy friends, it obviously shows that they also do not purpose to get “special” attention from their boy friends. They do it because they are willing to do it.

I am now looking for the book. Kinda curious to find out why we must be sincere to everyone before we go to a relationship. Do you think the same?

See you in the next posting. If you have read Lady in Waiting, kindly share to us ya 🙂



Etha (@etha_maggie)


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