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Lady in Waiting: Be Sincere

A couple days ago, I and Ross, my friend, went to the mall together. It was a good time for us to spend bestfriend’s quality time. One topic that we shared was about a book titled Lady in Waiting, authored by Jackie Kendall & Debbie Jones.

Ross said that this book is very good to be read by single ladies like us J hehehe. Ross did not share a lot, but the thing she told the most was about sincerity.

If we can’t be sincere to everyone, we are not ready to be in a relationship”, Ross said it excitedly.  “We need to check our motivation when we are helping someone. Do we do “better” when helping our boy friends; or we always do our best when helping either boy friends or girl friends.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? This is what I think, when we help our boy friends “better” than our girl friends, I believe we have hidden agenda for it. One possible hidden agenda might be to get special attention from the boy friends we help. In the other hand, if we are balance in helping boy friends and girl friends; we always try to do our best when helping; I believe this is a true sincerity. I mean, girl doesn’t interest to get “special” attention from the other girls, rite? And when they do the same to their boy friends, it obviously shows that they also do not purpose to get “special” attention from their boy friends. They do it because they are willing to do it.

I am now looking for the book. Kinda curious to find out why we must be sincere to everyone before we go to a relationship. Do you think the same?

See you in the next posting. If you have read Lady in Waiting, kindly share to us ya 🙂



Etha (@etha_maggie)

Campus Today: Industry Insights Panel

Industry Insights Panel is an annual event held by Internship Career Center of President University. The theme for this year is “How Do I Fit with My Company’s Corporate Culture? Tips and Strategy for New Graduates”. This event is a close event for President University students only.

This year, ICC PU invited speakers from three companies to share about their company: L’oréal, Triputra Group, and Nissan.  I did not write much in my notebook while listening to the presentation, but I have somethings to share here.

First, is about the company culture. I conclude some points mentioned by the speakers.

Those companies put Integrity, Respect, Transparency, Encourage, Competitive, and Excellence as their companies’ value. It is interesting to see these three companies have similar value to each other. Mr. Felix Abednego, from Nissan, said that everyone in the company should have the same value. Value is like the antibody for the company. If someone enters the company and bring different value, well, then no one will be willing to be with him because they detect this different-valued-person as a stranger. As the antibody, it will directly kick strange thing out.

“What character of a person do your companies assess?” a question came from a student.

“According to your company, which one do you prefer: hiring a person with high educational skill with low of interpersonal communication skill; or hiring a person with standard (not high, not low either) educational skill with high interpersonal communication skill?” a similar question followed.

Each company gave different answers to each question. I noted two answers that might fit those questions.

First answer came from Mr. Felix. According to his company culture, everybody in it, is willing to work hard even until late at night. For him, Nissan needs people with that willingness (to work hard and to work smart). “Are you willing to work extra mile to achieve something as the goal?”, he added.

Completing Mr. Felix’s answer, Ms. Restu Widiati added that in L’oréal, they prefer to someone with CEO characteristic. This CEO stands for “Creative, Entrepreneur, and Open-minded”.

The question and answer session ran enthusiastically and everyone who attends this event seemed satisfied with what the speakers have delivered.

President University is very concern about their students’ skill for internship. They prepare well their students with seminar, courses, consultations, and professional guiding. There are still some events later on in December. I will post useful information here. Stay tune!


Etha (@etha_maggie)

quote :)

“My Dad was right, if you don’t believe your wife is precious, you won’t cherish her. If you don’t believe love is best when it’s pure and new, you won’t wait patiently for it. If you don’t believe the baby in the womb is the living handiwork of God, you’ll do nothing to protect him. What do you believe?” – Caleb in Come What May 🙂